I have severe hearing loss. After several visits to specialists in Virginia Beach and on the Eastern Shore, 6 years ago I discovered a new hearing aid service here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia – Shore Hearing. I quickly discovered that it offered services that others had not and were important to me: locally owned and operated, home visits, prompt response, and, of critical importance, professional service and current technology. The person responsible for the whole operation was, and is, Shawn Butler, a friendly and knowledgeable professional.

My hearing has continued to deteriorate, but Shawn has kept up with my situation, giving regular at-home hearing tests and recommending the best response to my personal needs. At-home testing is key for making certain that corrective recommendations are appropriate for my living situation. Hearing aid technology is fast-moving, and I feel confident and comfortable that Shawn’s recommendations are spot-on with what is currently the best. I have used both in-the-ear and over-the-ear units, depending on the then-current work and living habits; currently I have over-the-ear units which have the latest technology. For clarity and distance speaking, my wife has a microphone (lanyard or clip-on) which is paired with my hearing aids, so she always comes in loud and clear! The same clarity is true for phone conversations as well.

I unreservedly recommend Shawn Butler and Shore Hearing for anyone who wishes the best and friendliest hearing services on the Eastern Shore.


Allan Burns