We are prepared to offer the following:

  • Remote care for your hearing while maintaining safe social distancing
  • Certified HearX self-testing equipment
  • Easy step-by-step, guided touch screen software
  • Calibrated, noise attenuating headphones
  • HearScope digital video otoscope and camera to assess your ear canal and eardrum
  • Instant test results* through FDA-certified, HIPAA-compliant Samsung® tablet-based equipment
  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer available to use during your curbside test
  • If you have hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids, take advantage of the new COVID-19 Tele-Assist hearing aid delivery program.
  • Hearing instruments will be pre-programmed for your individual hearing needs and then shipped directly to your home. No office appointment required

The hearing test takes only a few minutes.

You simply take the test and drive away.

NO CONSULTING will be conducted on-site.